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Environmental Engineering,
1. Groundwater Denitrification by Using MBBR With KMT Packing

A. Hemmati; M. Raeisi; M. borghei

Volume 17, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, , Pages 60-68


  Many communities in the world use groundwater as a source of potable water. The high nitrate concentration is a serious problem in groundwater usage. This study utilizes a biological denitrification method to investigate a moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) for the case of Tehran's groundwater. One pilot-scale ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering,
2. CO2 biofixation by Dunaliella Salina in batch and semi-continuous cultivations, using hydrophobic and hydrophilic poly ethylene (PE) hollow fiber membrane photobioreactors

V. Mortezaeikia; R. Yegani; M.A. Hejazi; S. Chegini

Volume 13, Issue 1 , Winter 2016, , Pages 47-59

  In this work, performance of hollow fiber membrane photobioreactor (HFMPB) on the growth of Dunaliella Salina (G26) at various aeration rates (0.1 and 0.2 VVm) and medium re-circulation flow rates (500 and 1000 mL/h) were studied. Cultivation was carried out at both batch and semi-continuous modes in ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering,
3. Levels of PM10 and its Chemical Composition in the Atmosphere of the City of Isfahan
Volume 5, Issue 3 , Summer 2008, , Pages 62-67

  Airborne particulate matter (PM10 ) was collected from the atmosphere of the city of Isfahan. The concentration of heavy metals and anions associated with airborne particulate matter were determined using atomic absorption spectrometric and ion chromatographic techniques. A comparison was made between ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering,
4. Monolithic Three-way Palladium Catalytic Converters for Automobile Exhaust Emission Control
Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2005, , Pages 61-70

  This article presents the research results on production and performance of palladium-only catalytic converters. Monolith is used as the catalyst carrier and gamma alumina as the substrate. Dipping method is used for monolith washcoating. Palladium as the active metal is impregnated on gamma alumina ...  Read More