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The Iranian Journal of Chemical Engineering (IJChE) accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, is under the supervision of and quarterly published by the Iranian Association of Chemical Engineers (IAChE).



The Iranian Journal of Chemical Engineering (IJChE) provides a worldwide forum to exchange scientific findings and outlooks on the interdisciplinary areas of the dynamic field of Chemical Engineering.  IJChE publishes papers dealing with research in various aspects of Chemical Engineering including; 


Transport phenomena, Thermodynamics, Separation technology,  Reaction engineering, Kinetics and catalyst, Biomedical and biotechnology, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Material synthesize and production, Modeling and simulation, Petroleum and reservoirs engineering, Polymer engineering and technology, Process control and engineering, Process safety, HSE and other related chemical engineering topics.



In order to authenticate the sources of information and avoid any similarities in the literature with other papers, all manuscripts are checked from the Plagiarism point of view before starting the reviewing process.


 Please note:

- The authors will be notified of the final decisions in 2 to 3 months from the initial submission date.

- The preliminary evaluation of the submitted manuscript and checking for plagiarism will be done in a week from the initial submission date.



*This journal is indexed in the Scientific Information Database (www.SID.ir).

*This journal is indexed in the Iranian Magazines Database (www.magiran.com).

*This journal is indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Center (www.isc.gov.ir).




We regretfully came to know of the tragic demise of Prof. Seyyed Amir Badakhshan ; a pillar of the editorial board of the IJCHE, and professor at the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology. Words cannot express the sorrow and the sadness we feel at the loss of such an amazing life. The Iranian Journal of Chemical Engineering hereby offers our sincere condolences to his family and friends and the entire Chemical Engineering society. His memory will always be treasured!

Professor Amir Badakhshan’s biography



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