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Multiphase Systems Research Lab, School of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran


The effect of adding isopropanol (ISP) to nitrogen as the fluidizing gas on the hydrodynamics of the fluidization of hydrophilic titanium nanoparticles was studied. It was shown by the pressure drop method that adding ISP reduces the minimum fluidization velocity. Wavelet transform of the pressure fluctuations of the bed was employed to identify the hydrodynamic structures. The energy of hydrodynamic structures was evaluated in each fluidization mode. It was shown that ISP reduces the inter-particle attractive forces by replacing the hydroxyl group of the hydrophilic nanoparticles with an alkyl group. Energy and recurrence analyses were used to define the characteristics of fluidization when adding ISP to nitrogen gas. The energy of macro structures increased when using ISP, having indicated a decrease in the number of bubbles and an increase in the bubble size due to the reduction of inter-particle attractive forces. The increase of the white local areas in the recurrence plots also showed the increase of the bubble size. The recurrence quantification analysis showed the increase of the larger-scale phenomena (i.e. bubbles) in the bed.


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