The process of peer reviewing and accepting papers


Articles submitted in accordance with the guidelines given in “Guide for Authors” section, sent by a faculty member or an employee in the industry, pass through the following steps for review and final decision:


1.  Submitted article is reviewed by the secretariat in terms of written formats and, if approved, is sent to the Editor-in-Chief through the website. If the format is not according to the guidelines, the article is returned back to the author for format corrections. Some articles may be rejected due to their unrelated state to publication priorities, scientific weakness, duplicity, and so on. Other articles will be subject to peer review.


2.  On the journal's website, the status of the article sent for peer review changes to "Sent for Review". If the article is rejected in the initial step, the status changes to "Rejected". The corresponding author can check the status of the article by visiting his/her personal page and/or emails. Other authors will be informed about the status of the article by a letter sent to their E-mail.


3.  The Editor-in-Chief or the Co-Editor check the article whose reviews are completed. Status of the rejected article is switched to "Rejected", the rejection letter is received by email, and then, the corresponding author can see referees' comments by visiting the website. Status of the paper that requires revisions is switched to "Acceptance on the condition of revision". Authors will receive a letter including opinion of referees and the information about how to submit the revised article. Then, the corresponding author can view the comments of referees by visiting the website and, then, take necessary actions to submit the revision.


4.  The status of the article changes to "Submission of revisions" after the corresponding author submitted the revised article. This article will be sent to the final referee designated by the Co-Editor to examine the revisions.


5.  If the article is approved by the final referee, its status will switch to "Initial acceptance", and the author will be notified of the status of the article by e-mail. Authors have to finalize all necessary changes in the article, as indicated in the email.

Note: If the final referee decides that additional revisions are required, or some revisions have been ignored by the author, the article will be returned to the authors. In this case, steps 3 to 5 will be repeated.


6. Status of the submitted article will switch to "Post-print", if accepted. Prior to posting on the journal's website, article is edited. Following page layout and some revisions, articles are emailed to the corresponding author for final check and approval.