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Effects of particle size distribution on flotation kinetics of bituminous coal

A. Bahrami; Y. Ghorbani; E. Gulcan; F. Kazemi; H. Kakaei; S. Farajzadeh

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 3-13


  Particle size distribution is an important parameter in flotation process, which affects the floatability and therefore the flotation kinetics. This study aims to investigate the effects of particle size distribution on flotation kinetics of bituminous coal. For this purpose, a series of batch flotation ...  Read More

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Modified and unmodified Graphite/unsaturated polyester resin composites: thermal and mechanical behavior

N. Yavari; M. Poorabdollah; L. Rajabi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 14-33


  In this study, unmodified graphite and graphite modified with a silane agent were used to ameliorate the thermal conductivity coefficient and dynamical properties of unsaturated polyester resin. The effect of unmodified graphite and modified graphite addition on thermal conductivity coefficient and dynamical ...  Read More

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Incorporation of Metal Oxide on Mica Flakes as a Green Pearlescent Pigment: Preparation and Analysis

M. Cheraghipoor; M. Zakeri

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 34-43


  Pearlescent pigments are a variety of pigments that can generate an optical pleasant appearance in the system because of the ability of easy parallel orientation of a large number of platelet-like particles. In the present work, the green pearlescent pigments based on mica (biotite) and mica-titania ...  Read More

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Developing genetic algorithm-based neural networks and sensitivity analysis for thermal conductivity of natural gases

R. Beigzadeh; R. Ozairy

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 44-55


  The artificial neural network (ANN) approach was applied to develop simple correlations for predicting the thermal conductivity of nitrogen-methane and carbon dioxide-methane mixtures. The genetic algorithm method was used to obtain global optimum parameters (weights and biases) of the ANNs. The methane ...  Read More

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Developing a Mathematical Model to Predict the Behavior of a Supersonic Superheated Steam Flow inside a Laval Nozzle

H. Rezaei; S. Ovaysi; M. Rahimi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 56-69


  The objective of the investigation was to mathematically correlate the behavior of a supersonic superheated steam flow inside a Laval nozzle, against the decision parameters. The decision parameters are the inlet temperature ranging from 374.3 K to 504.3 K and the inlet pressure from 40050.14 Pa to 133375.7 ...  Read More

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Increasing flow capacity and reducing drag in microtubes using drag-reducing polymer

M.H. Akbari; M. Rahimi; H.R. Karami

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2020, Pages 70-87


  Decreasing pressure losses in microtubes is an important subject, especially when increase in flow capacity is required. In the same pumping power, decreasing the pressure drops is coincides with increasing the fluid flow rate passing through a microtube. The current study aims to examine how the water ...  Read More