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Full article Modeling and Simulation
Prediction of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) properties synthesized at various conditions by artificial neural networks technique

M.R zeynali; M. Nazari; S. Karimi; S. M. Seyedmohaghegh; S. Soltani

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 3-16

  In this research samples of PVOH were synthesized at various reaction conditions (temperature, time, and amount of catalyst). First at 25˚C and 45˚C and constant catalyst weight samples of PVOH were prepared with different degree of hydrolysis at various times. For investigation of the effects of temperature, ...  Read More

Full article Modeling and Simulation
A Numerical Simulation Model of Solid Acid Fuel Cell Performance by CsH2PO4 Electrolyte

I. Omidi; M. Kalbasi

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 17-32

  The performance of the solid acid fuel cell by CsH2PO4 electrolyte was analyzed using the present model of the electrochemical reaction and transport phenomena, which are fully coupled with the governing equations. Development of such a model requires creating the three-dimensional geometry and its mesh ...  Read More

Full article Modeling and Simulation
Observations of Sludge Formation in Group I Base Stock for Lubricants and Thermodynamic Modeling with the SAFT Equation of State

E. Pashai; M. R. Dehghani; F. Feyzi

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 33-47

  Varnish and sludge formation are considered as one of the most common problems in lubrication and hydraulic systems. In order to simulate the condition of sludge formation, base stock lubricant (Group 1 API) has been selected and exposed to heat in a laboratory setup. Sludge formation process accelerated ...  Read More

Full article Transport Phenomena,
Kinetics of Propane Hydrate Formation in Agitated Reactor: A Mass Transfer Approach

P. Goodarzi; V. Mohebbi

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 48-58

  Understanding the kinetics of gas hydrate formation is essential to model and predict the hydrate formation (or dissociation) process. In the present paper, we investigated the formation of pure propane gas hydrate as a former gas. In this regard, several experiments were conducted to measure the rate ...  Read More

Full article Separation Technology,
Fabrication and characterization of polycarbonate/titanium oxide nanotubes mixed matrix membranes for efficient removal of cadmium and copper from aqueous solution

M. Delavar; Gh. Bakeri; M. Hosseini

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 59-73

  In this study, novel polycarbonate-titanium oxide nanotubes (PC-TNT) ultrafiltration mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) were fabricated for decontamination of Cd2+ and Cu2+ metal ions from aqueous solution. The weight percent of TNTs in the polycarbonate membrane matrix was changed from 0 to 15. The synthesized ...  Read More

Full article Polymer Engineering and Technology,
Effect of silica particles on adhesion strength of polyvinyl chloride coatings on metal substrates

M. Fasihi; R. Arabzadeh; M.R. Moghbeli

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 74-82

  The aim of this study was to improve the adhesion performance of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coatings on steel substrates by using nanoparticles. For this purpose, the PVC plastisol with different concentration of nano-silica was prepared and applied to bond steel joints. The adhesive strength ...  Read More

Research note Reaction Engineering, Kinetics and Catalysts,
A Study of Catalytic Performance of Co3O4 and Cu-Co Nano Metal Oxides in Combustion of Aromatics

S. A. Hosseini

Volume 14, Issue 2 , 2017, Pages 83-90

  Two Cu-Co and Co3O4 oxides were synthesized by the conventional sol-gel auto-combustion and their physical-chemical properties were characterized by XRD, FTIR, SEM, TPR and XPS. The XRD results indicated that copper-cobalt oxide appeared in a mixture form of Cu0.15Co2.85O4 spinel and CuO phases, whereas ...  Read More